Studying at University in the UK or moving abroad to carry out your studies can be the happiest time of your life. Meeting new people and broadening your horizons with new locations and experiences is all part of being a student. Whilst studying should be at the forefront, having fun and meeting friends is also a huge part of studying at university or college.

There will be a lot to arrange once you have decided to continue your education including accommodation, living costs and new studying materials such as costly books and journals. In addition you will also need to relocate your belongings to your new living space whether this is on a campus in the UK or further afield in destinations such as Australia or the United States Of America. Interdean can’t promise that the rest is simple – but they can help you with student moving.

Our range of dedicated specialist student services include mini moves, student shipping, student storage and student airfreight meaning that there is a range perfect for you. If you are looking for a short term, fast relocation help in a mini move and require a small van to transport belongings in, Interdean can help. For larger moves, especially those abroad Interdean can manage your move from its start to destination including transportation, storage services and level of urgency.

Student Shipping

Student shipping is an appropriate way for cargo to travel if you have time on your hands and can be flexible on the date your items arrive. This can vary from a few days to a little longer depending on where in the world it is travelling. If speed and accuracy are what you require then our student airfreight service would be most suited offering a fully traced cargo option and precise delivery dates.

With many things to arrange moving abroad to study can sometimes be a little complicated. If your items arrive before you do it is possible for us to arrange storage for them. Based on adaptable packages Interdean can store items for short periods of time or more depending on your requirements. It is also possible for Interdean to store items whilst you are away from campus on vacation or study breaks.

So whether you require storage, shipping, mini move help or air freight services wherever in the world, Interdean can bring you fast, reliable and affordable relocation services.