Moving to the USA

Moving to the United States of America? – welcome to the land of dreams. This very vast and diverse country has long been occupied by migrants dating back to the 1660s. With wide seasonal and regional variations from Arctic conditions in Alaska to subtropical climates in Florida, this huge country varies greatly from region to region. Whether you are moving to America for work purposes or for a fresh start and new opportunities Interdean are here to help. Bringing cost effective, time sensitive and reliable services to thousands of customers each year, Interdean have the experience and knowledge to transport your goods to America with ease.

Shipping to America

Arranging your shipping is easy – simply choose a service that suits you depending on time and cost and leave the rest in our capable hands. Interdean’s services include an express service or a more economical option which takes a little more time. Interdean will take care of packing and processing the items using professional wrapping methods and specialist custom documentation. As a valued customer you will be informed of the situation and location of your shipment every step of the way. Simply enter the tracking code on our unique tracing system and instantly find the destination of your goods. Interdean’s friendly, informative and dedicated staff will be happy to assist you with any queries or advice throughout the procedure ensuring your move to the United States of America is as smooth and stress free as possible. Once your cargo arrives in America our trustworthy and skilled staff will arrange the next part of its route and guarantee that it not only arrives safely and securely, but on time too.

Removals to the USA

For those returning back to the United Kingdom, Interdean can also provide a similar high quality service including various packages, speeds and costs. Those items destined for the British Isles will be treated with the same attention, care and importance, ensuring they arrive safely on home soil. Interdean can make moving your items an enjoyable procedure and allow you to concentrate on making your new house a home.