Moving Overseas

Moving overseas can require a lot of advanced organisation, time and planning. Interdean aims to keep these factors to an absolute minimum. Whether you are a family starting a new life abroad or an employee moving as part of a business, Interdean is here to help. We bring fast, reliable and professional moving services to suit all budgets. Over 11,000 customers have trusted Interdean to assist them in a hassle free move abroad. Our thorough and well equipped service has moved large corporations thousands of miles as well as retired couples hopping over to brighter and sunnier climates in British favourites like France or Spain. Whatever the size of your move, our commitment and customer service remains the same.

Shipping Overseas

From the very beginning Interdean will assist you with moving your personal items including household goods, furniture and smaller items such as clothes and even your beloved pets. We use advanced and trusted packing systems that assure the best use of space and care for your goods. Next we will take full control of safely transporting your goods overseas, arranging next available cargo ships and custom clearance as well as arrival and final delivery to your new address. We also offer full insurance throughout the whole process so that in the very slim chance your goods may be damaged, they are fully covered and you can receive compensation.

Overseas Moving

In additional to this Interdean can provide advice and professional help once you have relocated your business or home. As well as complete relocation services, Interdean can help you find the most suitable schools and neighbourhoods to pick for your family and the best business centres for you to locate your business in.

So however far you are travelling or even if you are returning to the United Kingdom from abroad, Interdean can assist you every step of the way, making your new house a home, or your new business location the perfect setting to succeed.